Tarot Tour Guide: Tarot, The Four Elements, and Your Spiritual Journey

Tarot Tour Guide offers easy tarot instruction to those just beginning their tarot journey. For enthusiasts of all levels of experience, Tarot Tour Guide presents tarot as a guide for the journey of life. Tarot, the Four Elements, and your Spiritual Journey Tarot is a book of spiritual wisdom that maps the journey of life, describing the experiences and lessons we encounter along the way. Tarot is a tool of spiritual growth, divination, meditation and magick that is useful in every aspect of life, from the mundane to the mystical. Your Spiritual Journey begins when you are present, conscious and intentional in each moment. Let tarot be your guide for that journey. In this book you will find: · Tarot as a tool for your spiritual growth. · Understandable interpretations for all seventy-eight cards. · Instructions for reading tarot for yourself and others, using several tarot reading styles. · Eight tarot spreads, along with instructions to create your own tarot spreads. · An introduction to tarot magick, along with several tarot spells for love, healing, and prosperity. · Meditations and exercises to expand your understanding of tarot, and of yourself. · Ways to summon and connect with the four elements for balance and healing. · Ways tarot can help you in all aspects of life, including career, relationships, spiritual growth, creative development and communication with the spirit world.

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