Tarot Psychology (Jungian Tarot Trilogy)

Tarot Psychology is unique in that it describes a practical system of inner development, using Jungian methods of active imagination similar to those taught secretly by Hermetic-Qabalistic and other organizations. The goal of these inner journeys is, however, not an escape from mundane human contact, but an appreciation of the complex relationships between mother, father, daughter, son, and others encountered in daily life. The principal is that until one truly understands the nature of these interactions, it is not possible to deal comfortably with the difficult group constructs which are called the archetypes of the collective unconscious Mother, Father, Daughter, and Son much less with the complex and often psychologically-dangerous inner Paths of the mystery tradition. Tarot Psychology presents a basic, and safe, plan of personal psychoanalysis which may lead to self-understanding and to true inner contact with the unconscious psychic realities described by mystics. The trip can be an amazing one using modern psychological principles, and pictures from the tarot, as the tools rather than the complex symbolism of esoteric tradition. (Volume I of the Jungian Tarot Trilogy.)

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