Intuitive Tarot: Read The Tarot Instantly (Intuitive Living) (Volume 7)

If you‘ve always wanted to read the tarot but find it difficult to remember the traditional meanings or simply want to find your own unique way to read the cards, Intuitive Tarot – Read The Tarot Instantly will help you do just that. Whether you’re looking for a relationship, a new career, are wondering how to increase your finances, or anything else big or small, by learning to intuitively read the cards you’ll have the answers you seek. I’ll also teach you the traditional card meanings just so you’ll have a point of reference in case you get stuck. After all, it’s sometimes difficult to read for ourselves. And, I’ll show you how to read the cards intuitively so you can reap the many benefits of their hidden messages. You could even read for others and help offer guidance to friends, relatives, and clients. I also offer fun exercises that will help you strengthen your intuition, get to know your cards better, predict future events, uncover obstacles that hold you back, and learn how to recognize opportunities and higher guidance when it comes your way.

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